Okay, so many people have gone to me, asking for different types of help, such as, "How do I make my OC?" or "Do you have any tips on how I could make my OC better?" And so, to help you all out, I thought I'd make an OC template.

Let me add that this is mostly for the ones in the Hetalia fandom.
I expect you know which ones to remove for any other fandom, and what to add.

Thank you.

Name: [Have a reasoning behind this one]



Motto/pledge: [Exclude this if you're a continent]

Physical Age:

Actual Age:


Appearance: [Have a reasoning behind this one]


Weight: [Have a reasoning]


Personality/Interests: [Have a reasoning]


Languages Known:

Other Things

  1. If you think anything else needs to be added, go ahead and add it. I just included the parts I thought were important and needed. You can add things like sexuality, gender identification, ect.
  2. I use this template for all of my OC's, and the needed reasonings help keep it from becoming a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu.
  3. You don't have to credit me or ask me to use this template, just don't claim it as yours. After all, I made this for you all.
  4. Yes I know it's a lot of work. Just do it you beautiful person.
  5. I'll add more later.

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