Name: Ashlin Bonefoy

Nicknames:Ashy, Mona


Physical Age: 19

Actual Age:719

Birthday:January 14th

Love Interest:Switzerland, She likes how he looks and how much they relate. She is one of the few people he likes.

Appearance:Long blonde hair, Violet eyes, white dress hirt, lime green tie, dark grey skirt, brown boots, dark blue coat


Weight: 100


Personality/Interests:A flirty girl that is angered easily, but has a habit of pointing guns at people/shooting

History:She was alone most of her life, when she was 10 (human age) Francis found her. They fruond out that they were related one year after. Monaco is a great friend with most countries but has some enemies. She can scare people when she is mad, even Russia. She would always carry a gun with her, and she still does. She shoots other coutnries, but the most she has shot at one person is almost when ever she sees them. That person is Italy, Italy is always getting her mad with all his talk about pasta and white flags. She has done it when they were kids to. (more likely chibi's)

Languages Known:French and English

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