aka Ashlin Bonnefoy (human country name)

  • I live in Monaco
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is I dont know
  • I am Female
  • Monaco(FemaleAllie-France'sYoungerSister)

    Name: Ashlin Bonefoy

    Nicknames:Ashy, Mona


    Physical Age: 19

    Actual Age:719

    Birthday:January 14th

    Love Interest:Switzerland, She likes how he looks and how much they relate. She is one of the few people he likes.

    Appearance:Long blonde hair, Violet eyes, white dress hirt, lime green tie, dark grey skirt, brown boots, dark blue coat


    Weight: 100


    Personality/Interests:A flirty girl that is angered easily, but has a habit of pointing guns at people/shooting

    History:She was alone most of her life, when she was 10 (human age) Francis found her. They fruond out that they were related one year after. Monaco is a great friend with most countries but has some enemies. She can scare people when she is mad, even Russia. Sh…

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