This wiki may be in shape and have a lot of pages, but we are missing something...contributors. I know that we have contribs, like Kyle, or Ivan, but we need more. We need your help to attract/lure more people to this wiki and help it expand and make the world know all about it. You can help by promote (admins only) this wiki, and give it a good explanation, or otherwise, invite your friends, attract more people at the Hetalia and talk about it    '('That place is dead now. Didn't you hear? Hetalia Archives moved to another wiki site called "Kitawiki".) or otherwise, attract people from another wiki. Please help us! otherwise this wiki is going to be filled with cobwebs.

I'm busy cleaning the Fanfiction corner, then, I'm heading to the OC category to clean up those stinky cobwebs there!

If you have any questions, please note my talk page.

Drink vodka, it's good for you.~~spam my talk ~~Contribs 01:35, November 25, 2013 (UTC)

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