Name: Bagdanur Tuigun

Age: 20

Gender: Male

'Sexual Orientation': Heterosexual

'Love Interest': Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Physical Apperance/PersonalityEdit

He is tall like S.U., he has black shaggy hair, wears a long coat (that Tatar men wear), pants, and mahogahny colored boots, and yellow colored eyes.

He is very nice and seen helping Ukraine out or talking with Belarus. He is the distant cousin of Russia and a good friend as well. He has a secret crush on Ukraine and a little feeling for Belarus. He never cries or get angry, he just smiles, even when he's mad but if you really make him mad, you'll regret the day you did it.. :O


Before he was with Russia, he was living with the Central Asians (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia(maybe), Azerbaijan(maybe), Uzbekistan, Tajikstan) and he was the oldest. (Nothing important about Tatar' so um..that's it :I)

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