Dear Diary, Cherrio! I'm London. I live across the bridge with big brother England and next to France's big mansion. Guess what?! Me and England are going to the grocery store to buy some things to make dinner. Uh oh, I have to go!


Big Brother took me somewhere so we can take pictures. This is me!

~Le back~

What a lunch! Me and big brother were shopping until we saw France!! He looked so cute in a white long sleeve shirt and buttons almost not buttoned. He's so handsome! I just want to pounce on him and give him my regions but big brother may get mad so I can't ;_;

France: "Ohonhon, it seems Angleterre and Londonne are finally out of the house. Such a surprise~!"

(for some reason France likes to call me Londonne. Seems to be a good name for him. I bet he's going to be calling my name when he's fucking me...I imagine.."Oho, Londonne~!")

England: *grumble* "London, let's go to the cheese aisle"

Me: "O-okay, big brother"

France: "Don't you want to say hi to me, hm, Angleterre?"

England: "I don't have time for this."

Me: *waves in swoon* "H-hi France"


Me: *whines* "Big brooooooother!"

France: "I was just going to ask you something"

England: "Make it quick frog face!"

France: Would you like to have a' le lunch with me?

Me: *swoons in front of his face* "Sure I love to my pleasure we'll be there at 5-"

England: "No thank you, we have lunch at home. Now come on, London. Help brother pick a chee-"

France: "Oh come on, you guys are wasting time. Besides you cook bad so it's best for me to invite you guys to my sexy gay dinne-"

England: *outraged* "ARE YOU MOCKING MY COOKING?! "

France: "I don't know, maybe I was. Oh, I was a' kidding! you cook horrible"

England: "That's it you little frog face French fucker!" *wrestles him*

France: *flips him on the ground and punches him in the face*

*the two countries get into a big rumble*

London: *is standing there, freaked* Uhhhm....

It was a doozy at the market but I finally got home to eat. England gave me fries and salad with bread but it tasted bad! >< England's cooking can really really do better. Be right back, I have to wash my mouth.  Bye for now!

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