• Monaco(FemaleAllie-France'sYoungerSister)

    Name: Ashlin Bonefoy

    Nicknames:Ashy, Mona


    Physical Age: 19

    Actual Age:719

    Birthday:January 14th

    Love Interest:Switzerland, She likes how he looks and how much they relate. She is one of the few people he likes.

    Appearance:Long blonde hair, Violet eyes, white dress hirt, lime green tie, dark grey skirt, brown boots, dark blue coat


    Weight: 100


    Personality/Interests:A flirty girl that is angered easily, but has a habit of pointing guns at people/shooting

    History:She was alone most of her life, when she was 10 (human age) Francis found her. They fruond out that they were related one year after. Monaco is a great friend with most countries but has some enemies. She can scare people when she is mad, even Russia. Sh…

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  • Stephanette

    Oc Template

    April 9, 2015 by Stephanette

    Okay, so many people have gone to me, asking for different types of help, such as, "How do I make my OC?" or "Do you have any tips on how I could make my OC better?" And so, to help you all out, I thought I'd make an OC template.

    Let me add that this is mostly for the ones in the Hetalia fandom.
    I expect you know which ones to remove for any other fandom, and what to add.

    Thank you.

    Name: [Have a reasoning behind this one]



    Motto/pledge: [Exclude this if you're a continent]

    Physical Age:

    Actual Age:


    Appearance: [Have a reasoning behind this one]


    Weight: [Have a reasoning]


    Personality/Interests: [Have a reasoning]


    Languages Known:

    1. If you think anything else needs to be added, go ahead and add it. I jus…

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  • Irina Umanskaya

    Thank you all for reviving this wiki, I am so haaaaappy~


    I just came to announce a happy new year and THANK YOU ALL!

    Also, I'm updating the wiki's layout (Getting rid of some errors, fixing and taking off some decorative CSS, and moar).

    If you have anything, respond to my talk page!

    See ya all!

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  • Mother earth101


    April 22, 2014 by Mother earth101

    Hallo I am Sam(antha) Henke, I'm half Australian and German >:)

    Uh...I'm 16 I love prussia and germany and well the list could go on...

    So uh...hi! And yeah... I like the colour blue and red and yeah.... Bye...

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  • Irina Umanskaya


    November 25, 2013 by Irina Umanskaya

    This wiki may be in shape and have a lot of pages, but we are missing something...contributors. I know that we have contribs, like Kyle, or Ivan, but we need more. We need your help to attract/lure more people to this wiki and help it expand and make the world know all about it. You can help by promote (admins only) this wiki, and give it a good explanation, or otherwise, invite your friends, attract more people at the Hetalia and talk about it    '('That place is dead now. Didn't you hear? Hetalia Archives moved to another wiki site called "Kitawiki".) or otherwise, attract people from another wiki. Please help us! otherwise this wiki is going to be filled with cobwebs.

    I'm busy cleaning the Fanfiction corner, then, I'm heading to the OC cat…

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  • Ivan Braginski

    as the title suggest, we need some more pages, or at least some form of activity on here, and we need to start making more OCs, the world must know about them

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